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Ultra Klean Power Flush Herbal Capsules


 Power Flush Capsules removes toxins from both the blood and the urine.


1) Avoid ALL toxins 24-72 hours prior to use

2) For high toxin levels we recommend using Ultra Klean Power Flush Tea or Ultra klean Ultra Mask drink with it

3) Drink plenty of water prior to using Ultra Flush but not the day of


1) Take seven POWER FLUSH capsules with a 24 oz. glass of water. Repeat every 20 minutes until all herbal capsules are consumed
2) Take vitamin-B and creatine-monohydrate capsules after consumin herbal capsules
3) Finish taking capsules shortly prior to your desired time to be cleansed

Effective up to five hours

dandelion, burdock, red clover, yellow dock, chamomile, slippery elm, alfalfa, hibiscus, licorice, rose hips