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Ultra Klean Power Flush 7 Day Permanent Cleanse Capsules


Ultra Klean's Power Flush All Natural 7-Day Permanent Cleansing Capsules is designed to permanently cleanse harmful toxins from the urine, blood and saliva.


1) Avoid all toxins

2) Drink plenty of water daily (2-3 quarts)

3) Consume plenty of fruit juice, this will help you increase your metabolism

4) For high levels of toxins we recommend using 2 of the 7 day kits ( 200 lbs or more )


1) Days 1-6: Take one packet of seven capsules in the morning with 20 oz. of water. Take another packet of seven capsules in the afternoon with 20 oz. of water. Take the capsules between meals on an empty stomach

2) Day 7: Same instructions as days 1-6. Take vitamin B-complex and creatine monohydrate capsules with the last packet of herbal capsules